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Kick Ass Bookkeeping

Understand your money and quit stressing about your books!

 Bookkeeping is Overwhelming AF

But it doesn’t have to be on your to do list

One • More • Day

You’ve built your business from the ground up and you L💛VE what you do.

But when it comes to the business and money side of things, you just want to stick your head in the sand.

You’re tired of feeling stressed about being behind on your books and the promise that you’ll do it at tax time is starting to feel more like a curse as that date gets closer!

You’re a busy lady, running a successful biz and honestly you just don’t have time to be bothered with bookkeeping.

And you’d rather sit in gum 😣 than watch another lame ass bookkeeping tutorial and struggle through trying to DIY.

Looking at your bookkeeping software has you like…

Wait, why do I need to connect my bank account_.png
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Can’t you just set it on fire like you’ve imagined a couple hundred times?

No, I’m afraid not!

Not unless you want the IRS on your butt…


You know bookkeeping is important for more than just taxes at the end of the year.

You know everyone says “It’ll help you make better decisions in your business”…but you just don’t see it.

You know quarterly taxes are a very real thing, but where the heck do you start?! And most bookkeepers don’t even help with this!

You know you’re spending WAY too much, but you absolutely could NOT tell me where those money leaks are.

And you know at this rate, your business money is never going to give you the life you dream of. Where did all the money go again?

But you just know you’re DONE!

I'm Done

DONE trying to find the willpower to do your books.

DONE trying to Google and piece together a solution every time you have a question.


DONE pretending that if you ignore the problem long enough it will just go away.

And DONE freaking the F out every year at tax time because you’re behind again and feel like you have a boulder on your chest.

I've got sad news for you lady, it ain't going away on it's own!

Unfortunately, bookkeeping isn't like a self-cleaning litter box.

 It's more like laundry.

The longer you put it off, the bigger & smellier the pile gets, making it harder for you to will yourself to deal with it.

But let me just say, it’s OK that you can’t seem to make yourself do it!

Bookkeeping is not your zone of genius…or even your zone of excellence.

You trying to do your own bookkeeping is like a dog trying to climb a tree. Sure, some dogs can do it, but the mass majority can’t and don’t give a fuck about even trying to!

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You feeling this way is EXACTLY why we do what we do!


We happen to love these bits of business that make you squirm and we adore helping our clients focus on doing more of what they love. 

Now I do have to tell you we aren’t like your dad’s accountant…

We work with service businesses like you so we know the ins and outs of your business before we even get started!


You’ll never have to worry about:

➤ Explaining how you do business online

➤ Telling us what a mastermind or retreat is and why those expenses ARE deductible

➤ Answering questions about software that seems pretty self explanatory…we totally get what email marketing, scheduling, and contract software is and why you need it!

➤ Fighting about whether your business coach is a legit business expense

➤ Weird looks because you have a lot of contractors and no employees

➤ Micromanaging a team of extreme introverts that disappear on you regularly

We’ve got all that down pat!

 So tell me, how would it feel to:

Not have bookkeeping on your to do list?

Never have to worry about estimating quarterly taxes or figuring out how to pay them again?

Have a money bestie ready to answer your questions so you never feel alone again?

➤ Free up the mental energy that’s been stressing about this, to focus on doing the things you ADORE in your biz?

➤ Slide into tax time feeling confident and free to focus on creating a bomb quarter 1 instead of freaking the F out over taxes?

So amazing, right?

Copy of Copy of Copy of 1000px × 1500px – Untitled Design (1).png

 So who is Kick Ass Bookkeeping for?

Service-based businesses. We know there’s so many awesome businesses out there that would be absolutely killer to work with, but unfortunately bookkeeping is very different for different types of businesses and we like being masters of this domain so we can serve our clients better!

$75K+ in revenue is best. Again, we know there’s tons of businesses who need help making less than $75K, but we want to make sure we are serving clients that can afford our services ($350+/mo) and still be profitable. If the cost isn’t an issue, feel free to sign up!

You promise not to fall off the grid and leave us hanging for months on end…yes, this is a real thing we deal with!

You understand that as much as we’d like to do it all for you, we still need your input from time to time when we hit transactions we don’t understand. Don’t worry, we make it super simple to collaborate so you don’t feel lost!

You’re using Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting software. There are tons of options out there, but these are the two we specialize in and require our clients to use!

Kick Ass Bookkeeping is NOT for you if:

★ You have poor communication skills…we can’t do our work if you ghost us!

★ You expect us to magically fix your money for you - we can only guide you to the water, we can't make you drink the glorious profits.

★ $350+/mo sounds like way too much to you. This isn’t one of those firms where you’re just a number and get lost in the shuffle. We want to build a relationship with you and help you in any way we can! So yes, our fees may be higher than the big guys, but I guarantee you’ll love getting the attention you need!

★ You want us to work on your terms - this is our zone of genius, it just doesn't work when clients try to micromanage - we are a partner, not an employee.

Think we sound dreamy?

We bet you are too 😉

How it works!

Shape Up

We’ll get up to speed on your business, setup your accounting software, and get your books up to date!


We will customize your bookkeeping system to your business to streamline the work as much as possible and capture deductions as they happen!

Easy Peasy

We will reach out monthly to ask any questions we have (usually takes about 5 minutes), you’ll get monthly reports, and we’ll file your quarterly taxes for you! Easy!


What you get!


Monthly Bookkeeping - $300+/mo Value

Monthly Financial Reports - $50/mo Value

Unlimited Trello Communication, Calls if Needed - $100/mo Value


Quarterly Income Tax Estimates - $30/mo Value

Quarterly Income Taxes Filed & Paid on Your Behalf - $30/mo Value

1099-MISC Filing for Up to 3 Contractors (Extra for Additional Contractors) - $6/mo Value

Total Value: $500+/mo

★Payroll add-on available if needed.


We price based on revenue to make it easy to figure out your cost bracket. And of course as your business grows, so does the bookkeeping load!

Kick Ass Bookkeeping Pricing

Please note: the Kick Ass Bookkeeping column is monthly pricing moving forward with all the perks listed above. Prices under Catch Up is for previous months you’re behind on - this is just bookkeeping, no payroll or quarterly taxes.


Q1: What if my books are behind?

No problem lady! We’ve got your back ;)

You can calculate how much the bill will be using the chart above. When you sign up, you’ll put a $200 deposit down and let us know how many months you need caught up. We’ll speak with you about this during the Financial Download to discuss payment in full or a payment plan if your bill is larger.

Q2: What if I’m using a different accounting software?

Unfortunately we only work with Quickbooks Online and Xero as we feel these are the two best softwares available. If you’re using a different software you can decide to pay the catch up fee to move data over to the new software OR we can start from the current month moving forward.

Q3: Can I work with you if I have inventory?

No. We’ve decided that in order to serve our clients better, we want to zero in on service-based businesses that don’t require inventory management. There are other bookkeepers out there that specialize in these types of businesses and they will be able to serve you better! However, we will work with clients that have digital products such as courses, ebooks, etc.

Q4: What if I don’t like working with you? Can I get my money back?

We think you’ll love working us, but hey, we get it…not every match is made in heaven. If we start working together and find that either we or you aren’t digging the working relationship, we’ll be happy to refund you for the month. We’ll even try to find another bookkeeper to fit your needs better!

Q5: Is there a contract?

There is an engagement letter that we will ask you to sign, but this isn’t a contract of time. It simply outlines what you’re responsible for (getting us statements, answering our questions, payment, etc) and what we’re responsible for AKA the heavy lifting. We work on a month-to-month basis because we know how miserable it is to get stuck in a contract that isn’t serving your business.


Q6: So this is hands-off, right? There’s nothing I have to do?

Not quite! While I wish upon wish that this could be the case, we still need your feedback on certain things like:

Questionable transactions - we do our best to Google the snot out of these, but sometimes we just can’t figure it out and have to ask you!

Approval to pay your quarterly taxes - we’ve done our best to take as much of this off your plate as possible. But it’s important to keep checks and balances in place. So we will always ask for approval before filing and paying your quarterly taxes on your behalf.

Other unforeseeable questions - there are always going to be little things that pop up that we need your help to answer. We will always try to make sure we explain these issues as clearly as possible so you can help us out as quickly as you can and get the heck back out of dodge!

Q7: Why are your prices higher than some other advertisements I’ve seen around the internet?

We get it, you want to make sure you’re not getting taken for a ride. But the truth is, we’re nothing like those other guys you’ve seen charging weirdly low prices. They make profit with volume…that is number of clients. So you’re bound to get lost in the cracks when you’re account is just a number.

In our eyes, you’re the cream of the crop! We specialize in online businesses like yours which means we can hit the ground running and already pretty much know the ins and outs of your biz. PLUS the attention you will get from us is well worth the cost. Did someone say unlimited communication? Yeah, that means we’ve got your back and you’ll never be alone again when it comes to dealing with the money! We want to build a relationship with you, celebrate your wins (both business and personal)…not just take your money.