You became a coach to create a lifestyle business, but instead of having a profitable business it seems like every bit of income you make goes right back out.

You've bought ConvertKit or Infusionsoft, LeadPages, WordPress plugins or upgraded SquareSpace, FB ads, lots of courses, hired a branding specialist, designer, an awesome business coach, VA, and on and on.

While many of these things are absolutely necessary to run your business, you are realizing now that there isn't much left over for you and profit is nonexistent.

It's time to turn this around and start seeing consistent profits in your business and paying yourself so you can see the financial freedom that's been promised to you.

Did you know that proper bookkeeping can help you create profits year round? That's right, it's not just a tax time necessity!


Profit must be planned. The first step to planning is understanding how to track it through bookkeeping. Let's get you turning a profit every single month!