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Kick Bookkeeping & Tax OVERWHELM to the Curb!

Accounting for women who want SIMPLE and EASY!

Because you've got better things to do 💛

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What We Do

Our services are designed specifically for your online business!



Accurate and up to date bookkeeping and financial statements. We will capture each deduction as it happens to make sure you save as much on your taxes as possible.

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Payroll can be a pain, but not with our simple payroll service. We'll run payroll and make sure your payroll taxes are filed. This includes direct deposit and online access.

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Tax Returns

Tax Returns

Corporate tax returns are included in packages for S Corporations. Personal 1040 returns and business Schedule C returns can be added to packages to bundle bookkeeping + taxes all together!

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Who We Are

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We focus on female owned businesses

We LOVE that you saw an opportunity to start a business and actually did it. Honestly, that took some serious guts...and we admire that!

But we also know that as women, you have the world on your shoulders. Add to that the many hats you have to wear as a business owner and you've got a recipe for serious overwhelm!

Which is why we've designed our packages to fit any size business...because let's be honest, bookkeeping and taxes are one of your least favorite things to think about. We got your back!

Callie Sitek

Callie Sitek


Owner + Profit Planner

Callie has been in business for 5 years yeah, she gets what it's like to work so hard to build your "baby" and then entrust a crucial piece to someone else.

She loves working with go getters that see opportunity in every situation!

Emma Sellers

Emma Sellers

Bookkeeper + Tax Preparer

Emma has been on our team for over two years now and she is AH-MAZING!

She loves helping women pursue their business goals by getting them the numbers that matter and saving them money on their taxes.

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Clients say...

Hannah loves that she know gets to pay herself more, save for taxes, and feels confident about her finances.
I felt completely overwhelmed! I never really know how much money I had or how much I could pay myself.

I’m now paying myself a salary. I know I have enough put aside for taxes. I feel hugely relieved and my stress levels are down.
— Hannah Branigan of Wonderpups Training, LLC
Rachael loved that we made bookkeeping very easy for her.
Working with Callie and her team was such a godsend. I was feeling so overwhelmed with doing everything right, and from our first interaction, I felt so taken care of - like I actually knew what was going on! Made accounting a breeze and actually set me up with a plan for success.
— Rachael Lowe of Living Ambitiously
Christie likes our attention to detail and that everything is handled for her.
Callie is doing a great job, she’s responsive and knowledgeable. It’s a mental relief in the biggest way - not worrying about this, and having someone who specializes in caring about the details on the job :)
— Christie Mims of The Revolutionary Club

Package Pricing & Services

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S Corporation

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