Trust me when I say we, at The Smart Keep, aren't your average money nerds. But we do love money + we are kind of maybe we're just a whole new breed!






I'm Callie

I own The Smart Keep

I'm Callie and I own The Smart Keep where we do bookkeeping and help female entrepreneurs understand their finances


I found this calling, I was a Virtual Assistant. I charged $10/hour, had no website, and didn't know the first thing about bookkeeping. I actually cried when I tried to do mine the first time...but that's a story for another time 😉


Money was elusive to me. More like a dream than something attainable.


I BARELY made $5k/year and my business ate up every penny I made. So we lived off just my husband's income.

I was determined to pull us out of our money hole!


Do i have to tell this story?

OK it's time to get vulnerable.

I want you to see what's possible with good money management.

We lived here

when I first started my business.

Honestly, it was the best we could afford.

It was cramped.

The heater wasn't great and heat escaped like crazy.

The kitchen was tiny.

My 'office' was 4 square feet of the living room.

But again, I was DETERMINED to figure out how to make money online.

I took a bookkeeping course

and started offering bookkeeping services. At first, bookkeeping was so fun and challenging...yes I said fun. But over time, that wore off and I just couldn't do it anymore! I'm sure you can relate 😉

Emma Sellers

I hired Emma

Emma LOVES bookkeeping!

And she loves working with other women who are making their dreams come true and working from home.

My why stayed the same.

I REALLY wanted to help women create more success by knowing their numbers.

But one year later, our clients were doing the same financially & I was still struggling with money.

My net income was only 17% of my revenue.

And I was barely getting paid anything.

I took 3 main steps in 4 months that shot my net income up to over 70% of my revenue!

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Everything changed!

> I am getting paid!

> I am saving for taxes!

> I am finally in control of my finances!

> We went from just getting by to having extra!

Guess what?

> We completely renovated a new home to our taste!

(I got to move out of that old place and I have a real office!)

> We're primed to be out of debt in less than 5 years!

> And we actually have a plan in place to retire by the time we're 40!

(Let's be honest though...I'm an entrepreneur, so I'll probably never retire 🙃)

callie sitek

That freedom

That lack of suffocation from drowning in money misery is WHY I do what I do!

I don't want other women to suffer through this without a way out.

So I made a way 💛