Is bookkeeping just about taxes?


If it were, we'd be bored with it too!

But I've got a secret for you...

Something other bookkeepers & accountants don't even know!

Lean in!

This secret can rock your world...if you'll let it.

  ~ Accounting is the foundation for creating wealth with your business! ~

That's way more juicy, right?!


And before you call bullshit,

let me show you why it's not only true, but something you need to have yesterday!

If you're here I know a few things about you

⭐️ You know you were born for more.

⭐️You're a rule-breaker and can't be bothered with shoulds...hello! That's why your books are so behind!

⭐️You KNOW deep down inside you're destined for greatness!

⭐️No, money isn't everything, but you've got your eyes set on wealth & financial freedom.

⭐️You know your business will play a big part in this...but right now all the money stuff is just frustrating as hell.

⭐️You know how to make money, but where the f*#% did it all go once it hit the bank?

Well, believe it or not, bookkeeping & taxes are the FOUNDATION for creating that life you so meticulously laid out on your vision board.

But let me just lay it out for you here, accounting isn't the key, it's just a tool.

It's what you do with the output (AKA numbers) from this tool that is the key.

Which is why this is just the first step!

But let me ask you

dream life

How the hell do you think you're going to get to your dream life

& the numbers that will support that if you don't know where you are right now??

You're blindly trying to feel your way to success.

And yeah, you might get lucky,

 but wouldn't you rather have the odds in your favor?

See, it isn't just giving it your all and hoping the money sorts itself out


Trust me, if you leave money to do it's own thing, you're never going to build wealth.

Building wealth takes strategy and consistency

And your accounting is just the first step.

satisfied bookkeeping client
Working with Callie and her team was such a godsend. I was feeling so overwhelmed with doing everything right, and from our first interaction, I felt so taken care of - like I actually knew what was going on! Made accounting a breeze and actually set me up with a plan for success.

So if you're sitting there wondering,

"When is the money ever going to get easy? Why can't I just be rich already?"

But your bookkeeping is months behind and you're hiding from taking control of your money...well, you're in the perfect place TODAY to



⭐️It's time to get your bookkeeping & taxes off your plate 🙌

⭐️It's time to look at your numbers. Face them and be the fucking badass boss lady I know you are.

⭐️It's time to lay the foundation for financial freedom so you can take the next step to creating radical profits in your business. The profits that will open your life up to possibility!

⭐️It's time for you to take this first step toward your destiny - a life full of adventure, travel, and freedom.

I didn't know how to manage my finances
Before I didn’t know how to manage my finances to where I didn’t feel broke.

The more I’ve paid myself, the more my business has made. I’m more excited about my business, more clear about how I’m going to make more money. I’m paying off debt faster and I can breathe easy.

It’s so possible for anyone to do this. If I didn’t have Callie, I wouldn’t be in the same place.
— Katya Sarmiento of Reach and Make Millions

And the best part?

You don't even have to DIY! No reading boring articles or watching lame-o tutorials.

We're here - the easy button!

All you have to do is decide you're ready and well, push the...

I was overwhelmed
I felt completely overwhelmed! I never really know how much money I had or how much I could pay myself.

I’m now paying myself a salary. I know I have enough put aside for taxes. I feel hugely relieved and my stress levels are down.
— Hannah Branigan of Wonderpups Training LLC

How Our Packages are Setup

Basic Package + Add-Ons

Basic Package Includes:

Quarterly Bookkeeping

Quarterly Bookkeeping

So your income & expenses are tracked quarterly - everything is ready to go at tax time.

Quarterly Financial Statements

Quarterly Financial Statements

So you'll be able to see your numbers on a quarterly basis.

Corporate Tax Return

Corporate Tax Return
[S Corp ONLY]

So you won't have to worry about coordinating between a bookkeeper & accountant. It's all in one place - easy peasy!

Quarterly Payroll

Quarterly Payroll for Owner
[S Corp ONLY]

So you don't have to worry about quarterly and annual filings and staying in the good graces of the IRS!


Communication With Team (Limited)

So we can make sure we've got all your income and expenses right.

Profit Review

Profit Review

So you've got someone looking over your shoulder 2x/year to see if you can improve profit!


The Basic Package Pricing is based on revenue and if you have a...

Sole Proprietor or LLC

sole proprietor and llc pricing

*For sole proprietors or LLCs over $400K revenue, contact us for custom pricing!*

S Corporation

s corp pricing low
s corp pricing high

*For S Corps over $1M revenue, contact us for custom pricing!


+ Add-Ons


Monthly Bookkeeping
$30/mo & Up

So you can see your numbers on a monthly basis and be able to make tweaks monthly to increase profits!

Unlimited Support

So you can see your numbers on a monthly basis and be able to make tweaks monthly to increase profits!


Pay Estimated Taxes

So you never have to worry about calculating your estimated taxes, remember to pay them on time, or remember how to pay them!


Personal 1040 Tax Return

So you can get your personal return done quickly and by a team you already know and trust.

Schedule C Return

Schedule C Tax Return
[Sole Prop & LLC ONLY]

So you won't have to worry about coordinating between a bookkeeper & accountant. It's all in one place - easy peasy!

Visual Reporting

Visual Reporting

So you can SEE your numbers instead of trying to read your financial statements.


1:1 Money Coaching w/ Callie + Voxer Access

So you can take your money to the next level! Create radical profits, pay yourself more, and start making your money work for you so you can reach financial freedom!

Monthly Payroll

Monthly Payroll + Employees

So you never have to worry about running payroll or figuring out how to file payroll taxes.

$100 for one employee + $6 per additional employee

1099 Misc Filing Contractors

1099-MISC Filing for Contractors

So you never have to worry about keeping up with how much you paid or how to fill out a 1099-MISC form.


Product-Based Business
$100/mo & up

So you can easily keep up with your inventory and cost of goods sold as easy as possible - trust us, you don't want to go this alone!

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Filing
$25/state filing

So you never have to worry about filing sales tax forms for multiple states.

Accounts Receivable or Payable

Bill Pay or Invoicing
$270/mo & up

So you never have to worry about paying bills on time or creating tedious invoices again!

Sign-Up Process

When you click the button to sign up, you'll be taken to a scheduling page. Pick a time that works for you and then you will see a questionnaire. Please try to be detailed and honest on these questions so I understand the basics of your business when we get on our call.

At our scheduled time, we'll have a Zoom call to meet "in person." I will ask some more questions to see if we can help you and your business. If you feel like a good match, I'll invite you to become one of our clients.

Callie Sitek

Hi, I'm Callie!

I wasn't always on this path to wealth building.

When I first started in online business I had no clue about bookkeeping, taxes, or how to manage my money.

I felt doomed to never live up to my potential, to never travel the world, or be truly free.

But once I learned how to track my money, create consistent profit, and start making my money work for me...the spark of HOPE was ignited!

I LOVE helping other women learn to do the same and watching as the flame of hope flickers and then ignites

as they see that their dreams are truly possible

It becomes a question of not if, but when.