How We Help You

Have Fun Learning About Money

We love to teach in our odd-ball way that we like to think is pretty fun. Those boring tutorials where the CPA has a monotone voice - yeah we’ve been there, done that and shed the tears to prove it. That’s why we make our trainings fun, actionable, and full of helpful examples of businesses just like yours so you can actually learn instead of, you know…falling asleep 😴

Your Easy Button

We get that you’re busy AF! We get that the thought of learning about bookkeeping sounds about as appetizing as eating ear wax 😝. We get that you’ve got way better things to be doing. That’s why we offer the easy button - done for you accounting services.

Help Turning Your Biz Profitable

If your business isn’t making money, it’s a hobby…and we think that sucks! You’ve worked your ass off to build this thing and you deserve a payout. That’s why we offer coaching to help you get control of your money so you can start getting paid like it’s your job 😏