Are Client Gifts Deductible? + Gift Guide!

We work so hard to get new clients. Wooing those who follow us. Speaking to their needs. Putting time into saying the right things. Sales pages just right. Social media on point.

But what about when they jump in?

Do you have a plan in place to keep them happy and feeling appreciated?

If not, I've got just the thing!


Oh yes, gifts. Don't you just love getting something out of the blue in the mail?

A small package addressed to you. The anticipation and curiosity.

Are gifts for clients tax deductible? Find out here and get the female entrepreneur gift guide!

Imagine what this does for a client! It creates an immediate sense of loyalty and pleasure that you were thinking of them.

But are these costs deductible?

Up to $25, yes!

And I know what you're thinking, "Can I possibly get a great gift for so little? Won't it look like I'm being cheap?"

Well that's something you have to decide for your business and brand.

If you have a luxury brand and you send a $5 gift, that may seem cheap. On the other hand, if you work closely with your clients and have a close relationship, a personally picked $10-15 gift might be perfect.

If you are that luxury brand and decide that your clients need a $100 purse, you just need to be prepared to eat part some extra costs. $75 of that purchase won't be deductible, so you'll be responsible for that extra $75 of taxable income.

Need help finding the perfect gift under $25?

I got you girl ;)


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