Use Your Eyes to Break Through Tough Money Mindsets in One Week

I feel like no one wants to admit they go to therapy. Or maybe that’s changing lately?

We all want to pretend we’re perfect, so that’s exactly what we show the world. But the truth is, we’ve all got baggage; in particular money baggage.

Many ladies in business are having their eyes opened to the fact that their money mindset stinks. Everyone’s talking about ‘working on it’ and you might be wondering if that just means writing 100 times on a chalk board:





In case you need a laugh...

And while that tactic will eventually beat the idea into your subconscious, what if I told you there was an easier, faster way that no one is talking about?

Are you ready for this?

It’s called EMDR therapy, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Whoa that’s a mouthful, so let me break it down for you.

Use your eyes to break through tough money mindsets and blocks in one week. How I used EMDR to become more successful.

You have all these money beliefs that are negative and you want to change. A big one for me was that ‘money is HARD to make.’

The reason these beliefs are so planted in our subconscious is because we have memories associated with them.

In my case that was seeing my dad sweat his ass off running an auto body shop and never becoming successful and my mom having a stressful job, where fun moments were few and far between to earn a high paycheck….all because she couldn’t get paid that much doing anything else.

So of course my subconscious was using those memories along with people telling me as a kid that “money don’t grow on trees” (yes I’m from the South where don’t and doesn’t are interchangeable 😁) and some other deep rooted memories that I’m still working through.

Do you have any memories like this that are backing up your money beliefs?

At this point the therapist goes through what belief you DO want to have.

Then you start the processing stage where your eyes move back and forth, following the therapist’s hand. This is much like rapid eye movement in REM sleep to process your day’s events.

This is where the CRAZY really starts to happen. Ideas that have had so much emotion behind them that you couldn’t reason with before, suddenly you can logically think through your feelings and the memory.

As an example, working on the memory of my dad I was finally able to reason that he was working harder than anyone I knew and money wasn’t coming his way. So hard work does not necessarily equal more money.

In fact, if he were to do less work and focus on the vision and marketing of the business he would probably make MORE money!

And then my mind jumped to my mom. She’s an employee. Yes, she makes good money, but she has absolutely no say in how hard she works - it is all dictated to her by the company she works for.

If she had started her own business 10 or 15 years ago instead of taking a promotion, she would probably be working 2-3 hours each day and making well over $1M each year.

At this point, your subconscious starts to realize that what you’ve been taught and have integrated as fact, is actually a lie. And then you are free to logically move into the belief that you want to have instead.

That making money is the easiest thing in the world to do!

Use your eyes to break through tough money mindsets and blocks in one week. How I used EMDR to become more successful.

Being a boss. Focusing on big picture ideas. Creating a schedule you LOVE. Being you at the deepest level and showing the world who you are will attract your perfect clients. 

Being you is easy. Being you makes you money. Therefore, making money is easy - you only need to be you and do what you love!

The crazy thing is, for a mindset block that you’ve been working on for months to clear through journaling and affirmations, you can blast through it in 1 session! After your session, your mind continues to process the memories and files them away FINALLY as irrelevant.

Why am I opening up and telling you about this? Because I want you to be successful!

I truly believe that the more people around me become successful, the more I will become successful!

I’ve experienced so much freedom from this therapy technique that I just cannot keep it to myself. If you have some stubborn blocks you can’t seem to work through you’ve GOT to find an EMDR therapist. There may be one local or there are even many doing it virtually through online video conferencing.

I wish you luck and happy processing ;)