The Smart Keep Packages
Everyone gets bonuses

Bonus #1: Access to our training library
$600 value/year

Each month we will be creating a new training exclusively for our success driven bookkeeping clients.

The line-up for 2018 includes:

  • Why you should do a creative expense purge every quarter
  • How to pay yourself more without hustling & selling more
  • Become a deductions Ninja
  • Business systems to explode your biz growth
  • Creating a special drip income account for launch-based businesses
  • And more!


Bonus #2: Free Ticket to 'your most profitable year workshop'
$197 value/year

This virtual workshop will be held in November. 2018 will be our first time hosting this event and we can not wait to see all the amazing things that come from this annual actionable workshop!


Bonus #3: Entries into our quarterly giveaways when you do your part to stay up to date on your books!
$50-150+ value per win

We get that bookkeeping isn't always your top priority.

DIY Clients: These drawings will be based on if you've got all your bookkeeping done for the quarter.

Done for you clients: It makes it difficult to hold up our end of the bargain without help from you. Instead of demanding and being on your ass all the time, we decided to make this FUN! 

We are starting smaller in 2018 to gauge interest in this bonus, but as we grow we hope to grow these gifts to $500-1500 shopping sprees and vacations!

Quarterly drawings to help you stay up to date on your books.


You have the potential to get an entire year of bookkeeping absolutely FREE if you refer 12 clients that sign on with us! Each referral will also earn you 1 additional entry in the giveaway for that quarter to increase your chances of winning!

Plus, those that you refer will LOVE you for helping them get their 1st month of  bookkeeping 1/2 off!


The Smart Keep pricing by revenue

Please note these prices are general and are usually pretty accurate. But we re-evaluate every client's workload after 3 months to see if their pricing is in line, too high, or too low!

Why revenue-based pricing?

Why Revenue-Based Pricing?

Why should you have to pay more just because you make more money?!

Here's the deal. We're not trying to be unfair...on the contrary!

Over the years we've discovered that a business' bookkeeping will USUALLY get more complex and time consuming as they grow. Of course every business isn't like this, which is why we give the option to receive a custom quote.

We do this pricing style to be super transparent and make it easier to get started!