#BookkeepingTip: Save Time by Integrating Bank + Bookkeeping


I recently met with a BIG corporation that was working with well known companies like Whole Foods and Trello. I was flabbergasted (gosh I love that word 😝) to find out they were using Excel for their books.

It was taking them many, many hours to do their bookkeeping every month and it was a huge headache!

My suggestion? Yes, bookkeeping software! But what was really going to make all the difference for them was integrating their bank with the software.

Instead of endless data entry that makes you feel like twiddling your thumbs would be a better (and way more fun) use of your time, the integration will do all that work for you! Not to mention the accuracy of that data entry just skyrocketed!!

I know bank integrations isn't exactly sexy...but I think taking 10 minutes of setup to save you at least 1 hour + each month is pretty damn sexy 😘