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Bookkeeping doesn't have to be on your to do list


Is the bookkeeping for your online business stressing you out?

It feels tedious.

You're left wondering, why am I doing this anyway?

Oh yeah...taxes.

Aside from that? Nothing.

And this dear, is why it feels so boring and frustrating.

You don't understand how bookkeeping could be the missing link for your business!

Bookkeeping doesn't have to be stressful


But it does sound like you need help!

And guess what?

We LOVE to help strong female online entrepreneurs just like you! You're our fav 💛

We take all the hassle out of bookkeeping so you are free to focus on the parts of your business you absolutely adore.

We might even talk you into loving your income statement!

How could we possibly do that?

Well, we get that many of our clients are visual by nature.

We don't leave you stranded with outdated reports that make you scratch your head. Instead, we offer our...

Signature Financial Story :)

Your financial story makes your finances easy to understand. We'll point out comparisons from previous months or years to help you compare what's working in your business and what isn't.

Help understanding income statements, profit and loss, p&l, and balance sheet - financial story makes it easy to understand your business finances

We'll plot out all of your numbers on a graph so you can actually see trends and understand what's going on.

Help understanding income statements, profit and loss, p&l, and balance sheet - financial story makes it easy to understand your business finances

Then, if you want to go deeper and really understand what's going on and where your money is going, just ask and your bookkeeper will be happy to jump on a call with you and show you what you're looking for.

These insights will help you start making better financial decisions that will bring you more financial success!

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But how can this actually help me make my business more successful?


That's a good question.

In most cases bookkeeping in and of itself won't create success for you.

It's what you do with the information that creates success.

And that's where we're different. Yes, your books will get done so the business part of your tax prep next year will probably take around 30 minutes 👊 BOOM 

But we're not just doing data entry here.

It's our job to make sure you have the right information and actually understand how to use it to create success!

What clients have to say

Let’s face it, money and numbers and math are not fun.

You know what is fun, giving all of that to The Smart Keep ladies and letting them run with it and do what they do best. Then at the end of the month, you have a nice tidy spreadsheet with all the information you want/need to see.

The Money Stories are one of the highlights of my month. It’s laid out in a way so that my numbers-challenged brain can understand the results and so exciting to see where we were and how far we’ve come.
— Mandi Holmes of She Can Coterie
Testimonial for The Smart Keep bookkeeping
client testimonial for bookkeeping services for coaches, marketers, virtual assistants, bloggers, and online businesses
Working with Callie and her team was such a godsend.

I was feeling so overwhelmed with doing everything right, and from our first interaction, I felt so taken care of - like I actually knew what was going on! Made accounting a breeze and actually set me up with a plan for success.

I want to work with The Smart Keep forever!
— Rachael Lowe of Living Ambitiously
I think I was subconsciously blocking my ability to attract more money & earning opportunities because I didn’t have the money management stuff together.

But just the act of cleaning up my records felt almost like I had “created space” for more money to flow in.

Sounds a bit hokey, but my income tripled the month after I got my books in order.
— RM Harrison of
client testimonial for bookkeeping services for coaches, marketers, virtual assistants, bloggers, and online businesses
client testimonial for bookkeeping services for coaches, marketers, virtual assistants, bloggers, and online businesses
The Smart Keep is doing a great job, they’re responsive and knowledgeable. It’s a mental relief in the biggest way - not worrying about this, and having someone who specializes in caring about the details on the job :)
— Christie Mims of The Revolutionary Club
After talking with Callie I felt she knew what she was talking about without being overly pretentious or stuffy. I was completely comfortable with her. She is super responsive and patient with my silly questions. I worry so much less about it!
— Christie Carter of Marknology

Ever wanted a financial biz bestie?

That's pretty much us in a nutshell!

The Smart Keep Packages
Everyone gets bonuses

Bonus #1: Access to our training library
$600 value/year

Each month we will be creating a new training exclusively for our success driven bookkeeping clients.

The line-up for 2018 includes:

  • Why you should do a creative expense purge every quarter
  • How to pay yourself more without hustling & selling more
  • Become a deductions Ninja
  • Business systems to explode your biz growth
  • Creating a special drip income account for launch-based businesses
  • And more!


Bonus #2: Free Ticket to 'your most profitable year workshop'
$197 value/year

This virtual workshop will be held in November. 2018 will be our first time hosting this event and we can not wait to see all the amazing things that come from this annual actionable workshop!


Bonus #3: Entries into our quarterly giveaways when you do your part to stay up to date on your books!
$50-150+ value per win

We get that bookkeeping isn't always your top priority.

DIY Clients: These drawings will be based on if you've got all your bookkeeping done for the quarter.

Done for you clients: It makes it difficult to hold up our end of the bargain without help from you. Instead of demanding and being on your ass all the time, we decided to make this FUN! 

We are starting smaller in 2018 to gauge interest in this bonus, but as we grow we hope to grow these gifts to $500-1500 shopping sprees and vacations!

Quarterly drawings to help you stay up to date on your books.


You have the potential to get an entire year of bookkeeping absolutely FREE if you refer 12 clients that sign on with us! Each referral will also earn you 1 additional entry in the giveaway for that quarter to increase your chances of winning!

Plus, those that you refer will LOVE you for helping them get their 1st month of  bookkeeping 1/2 off!


The Smart Keep pricing by revenue

Please note these prices are general and are usually pretty accurate. But we re-evaluate every client's workload after 3 months to see if their pricing is in line, too high, or too low!

Why revenue-based pricing?

Why Revenue-Based Pricing?

Why should you have to pay more just because you make more money?!

Here's the deal. We're not trying to be unfair...on the contrary!

Over the years we've discovered that a business' bookkeeping will USUALLY get more complex and time consuming as they grow. Of course every business isn't like this, which is why we give the option to receive a custom quote.

We do this pricing style to be super transparent and make it easier to get started! 

We DO NOT take every business that comes our way!!


We are picky!

We are only looking for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level.

You have to be willing to commit to us the same way we are committing to you!

We want to work as a team.

Imagine all the thousands you are going to make when you kick this pain in the ass task to the curb 😉  and free up your creativity!

Our highest goal is to see your business grow to new heights of success each and every year.

We promise to do our best to accomplish that goal!

So if you're ready to have your books taken care of so you can get back to what you love, you can schedule a time to speak with us. If we feel like it's a good fit, we will invite you to be our client. 

In this call we'll dig into your business bookkeeping practice and see where we can improve on what you've got. Bring your questions, we're happy to answer them all!

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