Client love

Working with Callie and her team was such a godsend. I was feeling so overwhelmed with doing everything right, and from our first interaction, I felt so taken care of - like I actually knew what was going on! Made accounting a breeze and actually set me up with a plan for success. I want to work with The Smart Keep forever!
— Rachael Lowe of Living Ambitiously

I think I was subconsciously blocking my ability to attract more money & earning opportunities because I didn’t have the money management stuff together. But just the act of cleaning up my records felt almost like I had “created space” for more money to flow in. Sounds a bit hokey, but my income tripled the month after I got my books in order.
— RM Harrison of

After talking with Callie I felt she knew what she was talking about without being overly pretentious or stuffy. I was completely comfortable with her. She is super responsive and patient with my silly questions. I worry so much less about it!
— Christie Carter of Marknology

Callie is doing a great job, she’s responsive and knowledgeable. It’s a mental relief in the biggest way - not worrying about this, and having someone who specializes in caring about the details on the job :)
— Christie Mims of The Revolutionary Club

Rather than making me feel incompetent for my lack of accounting systems knowledge, Callie took her time to walk me through everything and make sure I was understanding. She went above and beyond in the time she dedicated to helping me.
— Sharon Luecke of The Bare Bride