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Testimonial for money coaching
Before working with Callie, I never wanted to look at my money. I never set goals. I didn’t even know what I was bringing in. And I definitely didn’t know what I should be paying myself.

Through working with Callie, I now feel in control of my finances. We walked through what I WANTED in my personal life and worked backwards to get to what I need to be taking home.

We cut out unnecessary spending. And we developed a plan to make sure all of my taxes were paid in advance so I don’t have to have a heart attack each April.

I HIGHLY recommend this program!
— Mandi Holmes of She Can Coterie
I felt completely overwhelmed! I never really know how much money I had or how much I could pay myself.

My breakthrough has been that I CAN do it if I’m given simple enough steps to follow.

I’m now paying myself a salary. I know I have enough put aside for taxes. I feel hugely relieved and my stress levels are down.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed & you’re looking for someone to make your money make sense, this program is that!
— Hannah Branigan of Wonderpups LLC
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client testimonial of money coaching program
Before I didn’t know how to manage my finances to where I didn’t feel broke.

The more I’ve paid myself, the more my business has made. I’m more excited about my business, more clear about how I’m going to make more money. I’m paying off debt faster and I can breathe easy.

It’s so possible for anyone to do this. If I didn’t have Callie, I wouldn’t be in the same place.
— Katya Sarmiento of Reach and Make Millions