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The All-in-One Quickstart Service to Get Your Quickbooks Online Account Set Up and Your Bookkeeping Caught Up, Without the Pressure of Doing it Yourself!

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 You may be feeling…

▷▷Like you have no clue where to start with your bookkeeping.

You know it’s important, but seriously? You aren’t even completely sure what bookkeeping is…let alone how to do it.

▷▷Trying to learn bookkeeping AND catch it up is TOO overwhelming.

Learning bookkeeping can be overwhelming on its own. Then putting several months to catch up on top of that and you know that’s a recipe for disaster!

▷▷Catching up on your own is a waste of your valuable time!

You’ve already got a million things to do and this isn’t a money making activity that could be helping your business grow. BUT that doesn’t change the fact that it does have to be done.

▷▷Bookkeeping makes you want to hide in a cave and NEVER face it!

Do you have to face it?! How long has bookkeeping been on your to do list or in the back of your mind? But it’s not getting done…and if you’re being honest, it probably never will.

If any of this resonates with you, you’ve come to the right place lady!

Our client, Sarah, had been audited the year prior…

…and it wasn’t good! She had no bookkeeping to speak of, no receipts, and she was running her business out of her personal bank account.

We got her set up in Quickbooks Online, all bookkeeping caught up, and helped her come up with an easy receipt system that worked for her.

Now, if she ever gets audited again - she’s covered! 

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Another client, Alex*, had put off bookkeeping for 3 years…

…that meant she also hadn’t filed those taxes! So of course, she was having a slight (ok BIG) freakout!!

In those 3 years she had tried to figure it out several times, signed up for a handful of different accounting softwares (Quickbooks Online included), and ultimately gave up 😔

We quickly set to work, getting her bookkeeping up-to-date for those 3 years.

She was so RELIEVED and said she felt like she could finally breathe!

She also realized she’d been subconsciously holding her business back because she was afraid to bring in more clients (and money) that would add to the mess she was putting off. 

*name changed for anonymity

I’ve got tons of these stories!

And I’m guessing you’re living this story right now.

Completely paralyzed by how far behind you’ve gotten.

Here’s the deal…I want you to know that you aren’t alone!

Tons of business owners find themselves behind and clueless about how to fix it.

You’re wearing a dozen hats; something is bound to fall through the cracks at some point! And unfortunately, bookkeeping isn’t exactly easy to wrap your head around.

You’ve got a lot of hurdles to jump through:

  • Understanding accounting terms

  • Finding an easy to understand source for training that steers clear of debits and credits talk

  • Actually forcing yourself to learn it

  • Then take action on what you learned

  • And keeping up with it ongoing even though it feels soul sucking

Yeah, those are some big obstacles!

RM Harrison Testimonial
I think I was subconsciously blocking my ability to attract more money & earning opportunities because I didn’t have the money management stuff together.

But just the act of cleaning up my records felt almost like I had “created space” for more money to flow in. Sounds a bit hokey, but my income tripled the month after I got my books in order.
— RM Harrison of
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 But what if there was an easier way?

Just imagine for a moment:

▷▷ Starting out with a Quickbooks Online account set up specifically for your business…no guesswork

▷▷ Having someone telling you exactly what they need to do the job and holding your hand through every step

▷▷ Then that person doing all the heavy lifting while you sit back…or focus on money producing activities

▷▷ And at the end, being completely up-to-date and ready to move forward

Doesn’t that ease sound glorious compared to the struggle you’ve gone through for so long?

Introducing Get Your Books Up-to-Date 

The done for you service to get your Quickbooks Online account set up and your books up-to-date!

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Let’s take a look at the process…

  1. Book an Intro Call When You’re Ready to Start

    During this call we’ll meet each other and make sure we’re a good fit. We’ll talk about the details of your business and make sure there’s no hidden pieces to the job. We may also discuss payment plans on the call if your total will be >$700.

  2. Make it Legal + Payment

    If we decide to move forward, we’ll send an engagement letter to protect your purchase and our business so we can move forward.

    We’ll also send an invoice or authorization form for automatic payments of payment plan.

  3. Collect Information

    We’ll send a QBO Setup Questionnaire to make sure we get all the right details for your account.

    We’ll also request any statements or transaction information we need. This may take some work on your part depending how far back we’re going and how many expenses you put on personal cards.

  4. Begin Work

    We’ll get to work while you sit back and relax!

  5. Occasional Questions

    As we progress, we’ll send questions about purchases or deposits every few days. These are usually pretty simple questions like, ‘What was the purchase on 9/12/18 of $327 to XX for?’

  6. You’re Caught Up!

    At this point you can decide to take over and do it yourself moving forward or move into maintenance and have us do it for you.

Rachael Lowe Testimonial
Working with Callie and her team was such a godsend. I was feeling so overwhelmed with doing everything right, and from our first interaction, I felt so taken care of - like I actually knew what was going on!

Made accounting a breeze and actually set me up with a plan for success. I want to work with The Smart Keep forever!
— Rachael Lowe of Living Ambitiously

 Bonuses Baby!

So not only are you going to get a completely caught up set of books, you’ll also get…

Quickbooks Online Setup

Bonus #1: Quickbooks Online Setup

($200 value, yours FREE)

We usually charge extra for this, but we’ve decided to throw it for free. We’ll help you pick the right subscription, customize your chart of accounts, set up bank feeds, help you set up Quickbooks Payments if needed, and more!

Quickbooks Online Discount

Bonus #2: Quickbooks Online Subscription Deal

(30% off for 12 months if you DIY after)

(40% off ongoing if you have us maintain your books)

We’ll pass on our subscription discounts to save you money!

Automated Bookkeeping Workflows - Visual Workflows and Video Tutorials

Bonus #3: Automated Bookkeeping Workflow

($37 value, yours FREE)

Wish you could automate a lot of your bookkeeping tasks? Luckily, you can! This guide with accompanying videos will show you how.

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 Get Started Now!

Simple flat-fee pricing makes it easy to estimate your total price.

$150 Per Month to Catch Up


Note: For businesses with a high volume of transactions each month (150+ line items on your statements) will have a higher fee per month.


Who Are We?

Callie Sitek

I’m Callie, the owner, the problem-solver. 

I LOVE doing these quick catch up projects!

But I get where you’re coming from…I was once in your shoes as a virtual assistant with no clue how to do my own books. I suffered through the boring courses, books, and articles so you don’t have to!

Emma Sellers

Emma is the queen bee of bookkeeping.

She thrives on the routine of bookkeeping (AKA what you would call the monotony) and adores serving clients like you!

 Frequently Asked Questions

#1: Who is this for?

  • This is for you if you’re a woman (or man not scared off by our pink branding) running a service-based online business.

  • You want to use Quickbooks Online (or maybe aren’t sure), but don’t know where to start.

  • You’re behind a few months to few years on your bookkeeping.

  • You need cash basis bookkeeping (mostly likely you if your business is making <$1M in revenue and you aren’t creating physical products).

#2: Who is this not for?

  • Physical product-based businesses with inventory.

  • Larger businesses over $100K in revenue. You likely need a custom quote! Go ahead and set up a call to talk about your business :)

  • Franchise businesses that have additional requirements.

  • Those looking for accrual basis bookkeeping (a lot of invoices and bill entries) - this is outside the scope of this service.

#3: Do I have to pay the full amount up front?

Nope! We get that this can be a big investment, especially if you’re really behind.

If your total is more than $700, we’ll help you set up a payment plan. In this case, we will require a $700 payment up front to get started though.

#4: What if I didn’t have a business account during some of these months?

No worries! I mean, if you still don’t have on you should do that STAT! But for this catch up process we can work to get all those business expenses you put on your personal cards recorded.

Unfortunately, this will be a little more work on your part, but it’s definitely doable.

#5: What if I don’t have receipts to backup my purchases?

Well first, that stinks. But second, it’s OK.

We can still record those expenses if you want. Just be aware that if you are ever audited, those expenses will likely be disallowed and you’ll owe taxes on that money.

Not the best case scenario, but there’s not much you can do about the past. From this point forward, make sure to keep them and cross your fingers you never get audited.

#6: Do you offer refunds for any reason?

Generally no, because we always deliver our part. If we can’t finish because you fail to answer questions or give us statements we ask for (which you may have to call the bank for depending how far back we’re working), that does NOT qualify for a refund. If we can’t deliver for some other reason, we will refund for the portion of work not completed.

#7: What if I’m completely clueless and coming to you with basically nothing?

That’s totally OK! We get that this isn’t your zone of genius and don’t expect you to be uber prepared.

What we do expect, is your cooperation and willingness to get us what we need to finish the project. That may mean you have to do some leg work!

If you ever don’t understand what we’re asking for, just let us know. We’ll explain in more detail.

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Come On, Take the First Step. Let’s Do This! 

$150/Month to Catch Up


Note: For businesses with a high volume of transactions each month (150+ line items on your statements) will have a higher fee per month.