Money doesn’t have to be hard…it can be easy ;)

Dear Badass Boss Lady,

I see how you’ve worked your ass off to build your business. How you’ve sacrificed, poured your heart out, and given of yourself every single day.

You just knew when you hit your revenue goal of six-figures, it would be the holy grail.

💥 POOF! 💥

All your money problems would go away.

But…they didn’t.

You’re still stressing about money. Still feeling like you never have enough.

Wondering what the fuck you’re missing that everyone else has obviously figured out.

You have moments where you can see the light of hope, after a big sales month or crazy awesome launch. But it’s always the same, your bank account goes up and then it’s like magic 🔮, your spending goes up too until you’re left with the same money in the bank again.

You feel like you’re putting on a show for the world. Look how successful I am! Look at these amazing places I visit, this gorgeous purse I carry, this adorable office that was decorated just so.

And to be honest…you do a really good job of tricking the world into thinking you’ve got your money shit together.

But the truth is, you would be mortified if anyone ever saw your real money story.

Where you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, your business demands every penny you make to keep chugging along, your bank accounts keeps hitting that same fucking ceiling, and you’re freaking out everytime taxes are due because the money just isn’t there.

Money was supposed to be easy at this point.

Will it ever be easy?

As much as you want to believe a lack of revenue is your problem and more of it will fix it, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, I’ve seen people making $50K struggle and I’ve seen people making $50K thrive. And I’ve seen people making $1M struggle and I’ve seen people making $1M thrive.

If you’re struggling with money right now where you are, I’m telling you, you’ll still struggle when you make more money.

More money doesn’t fix the problem.

More money makes the problem bigger.

More money isn’t the solution…though it can be an accelerator for accomplishing your goals once you’ve fixed the real problem.

So what’s the real problem?

That you’re human!

Novel idea, right?

And how are you supposed to fix that?

Well first, you need to understand what I mean. You’re human and all humans act in certain ways.

There is a weird thing that happens when we keep all our money lumped together and make decisions based on that balance number.

Have you ever noticed when you have a big sales month or great launch, you’ve got more money in the bank than you’re used to seeing.

Then what happens?

Hey I can afford that thing I’ve been putting off. Wow, I could really use this course. It’s time to reinvest in the business…you’ve got to spend money to make money after all!

And pretty soon your bank account looks more like you remembered it. Back at that balance that feels normal.

And what about the flip side?

Your bank account starts getting low. You get a little panicky.

Sure there’s things you need & want for the business, but you don’t dare spend that money because you need to protect your reserve until it’s built back up.

You tighten your belt and only buy what’s absolutely necessary. (This goes for your personal finances too, btw)

Squirreling away money

You squirreling away your money…

Then once your account is back to normal, the pressure is off and you loosen up a bit and start spending again.

It’s a pattern. A human pattern. You can’t help it!

And meanwhile all the money gurus are out there saying…

“Make a budget and stick to it!”

“Cut out your Starbucks habit.”

“Cut coupons!”

Really though?

Everyone has heard these tips and most of us have tried them, so why are so many people (including you) still having trouble managing your money?

Because they haven’t solved the issue of being human and the spending pattern that comes along with it!!