Sole Proprietor & LLC


Sole proprietor and llc pricing

*For $400k+ revenue contact us for custom pricing!*

What's Included?

Quarterly Bookkeeping

Quarterly Bookkeeping

We track income and expenses on a quarterly basis. Everything will be ready to go at tax time.

Quarterly Financial Statements

Quarterly Financial Statements

You'll be able to see the numbers on a quarterly basis. Don't worry if you don't know how to read these reports, we have trainings to help you out!


Communication with the Team (Limited)

This basic package comes with one monthly email to our team.

Profit Review

Profit Review

Twice each year our team will take time to look at your business to see if we can come up with recommendations to increase your profitability.

You will get a report of our findings after we have this meeting.

Looking for more?


Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly Bookkeeping +$30/mo

Want to see the numbers on a monthly basis? This add-on is perfect for you! You'll receive monthly financial statements as well.

Weekly Bookkeeping

Weekly Bookkeeping +$60/mo

Really like to keep your eye on your finances? This is the option for you!

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Support +$60/mo

Wish you could just pick up the phone and get your money and bookkeeping questions answered? This add-on is great for the business owner who wants the flexibility to contact us any time during business hours.

Personal & Schedule C Return

Personal 1040 & Business Schedule C Return +$25/mo

Make it easy on yourself at tax time! We'll prepare your personal and business taxes, making sure you get every deduction you deserve!


Payroll +$100/mo

Payroll can be a major headache, not to mention a land mine for mistakes. We'll help you set up payroll and make sure quarterly and annual filings are taken care of.

$100 for one employee + $6 per additional employee.

1099-MISC Filing for contractors

1099-MISC Filing for Contractors +$2/mo

Sometimes it's easier to have contractors than employees, that is until it comes time to file your 1099-MISC. We will help you track your contractors compensation and file for you at the beginning of the year.


Product-Based Business +$100/mo+

It may seem unfair to charge more for product-based businesses, but the minute you introduce inventory into your bookkeeping, things get a lot more complicated. It's even more important that you get help and get this complicated task off your plate!

This add-on's pricing is based on the complexity of your inventory and the systems we will need to help implement.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Filing +$19/state filing

Pricing is based on your filing schedule.

Sales tax management is separate. Depending on your POS system we may have a software recommendation that can handle this for us.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable +$270/mo+

We will invoice your clients, send reminders on late invoices, and make 2 attempts to collect on delinquent invoices. 

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable +$270/mo+

Tired of keeping up with bills and late fees when you forget to pay? We'll take this tedious task off your plate by making those payments for you!